From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 1999-06-24 21:21:14

   Pardon me fine folks, but I have a question concerning the VC20 for yall
in Deutschland.

	I recently received a VC20 from a retailer out there.  The logo-sticker on
the top-back-left of the case is deliberately cut in half.  It only reads
"Commodore".  My first thought was to be upset that I had received a
cosmetically defective machine.  That is still my thought, though it was
buffered somewhat by the notion that perhaps this was done deliberately by
Commodore when they discovered their flub-up in the original naming of the
machine.  Maybe I just have an early release of the VC20 in Germany.  The
bottom serial number sticker is missing, and the keyboard style

	Does anyone know if my explanation is plausable, or perhaps, true?  Are
VC20's with cut stickers common or even heard of in Germany, or have I just
received a post-consumer butchered machine?

	Bo Zimmerman

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