Re: PET/CBM-II docs on funet

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-06-25 10:49:58

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> > is andre fachat losing his website ?
> Yes.
> > if so what timescale are we talking about ?
> A few weeks, I think.

The actual fact is that I am not sure. My contract now finally ends
end of july, and I don't know how long the account will be valid.

Anyway, at the moment I have some time (thesis is basically finished,
some reports are dropping in that I have to merge, and I'm writing
job applications) so for me that's the best time to do that - you 
never know how much time you are going to have when you get a new

> I am glad to host André's pages on  Actually, I've planned
> move my own pages from to there as well, but I haven't gotten
> around to do that yet.  Maybe I should start doing something next week,
> when I return from Montréal.

Ok, I see. It seemed you were very busy so did not want to bother you,
but it's because you're away.
I'm glad to put my pages on funet, thank you very much!

> André, make a .tar.gz of your cleaned-up pages.  I'm thinking of a

I am thinking about what I can "outsource", what can be left out,
what structure it should have and then I'm starting on the new pages.
They will most likely have a flatter structure (so you need less
navigation stuff) and will not be auto-generated anymore.


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