Re: Commodore PET find

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-01-30 05:07:02

Geoff Oltmans wrote:
> Hahahahah! It's MINE, ALL MINE!!!
> Here's what I ended up with:
> A PET 8032 (64K RAM)

That would make it an 8096, 32k+64k.

> 8250 drive unit
> 4040 drive unit
> MSD SD-2 Drive Unit

cool! Those drives are great, both IEEE-488 and serial IEC in one unit.  Some
have a copy ROM in it to do unattended copying, though kinda rare to find one
so equipped.

> Tractor Printer 4032.
> All for the grand total of $25.00!

terrific price!

> Unfortunately I neither have the IEEE-488 cables needed to hook all the
> peripherals to the computer,

I think I can part with a PET->IEEE and one  IEEE->IEEE cable reasonably,
contact me if interested.

> and nothing comes up on the screen. When I
> turn it on, I hear a warble from the internal speaker, and
> then...nothing. Any ideas on how to fix it?

If it sounds like a 'jingle' type sound, that's a good thing, that's the bell
sound.  blind type ? chr$(7) (assuming the keyboard is clean) you should get
one 'jingle'.

Sorry not an electronics tech...  :(

Though I recall the PET monitors were being cleared out by liquidators as TTL
compatible; that might help.  Also if you are near a decent TV repair shop, it
wouldn't hurt to ask if they work on monitors, if they have anyone with TV
experience I think they could handle the PET display (assuming it is a monitor
problem and not a logic problem.)

> Oh yeah, curious enough, it doesn't appear to have a standard set of
> ROM's in it. There's one with a paper label on it which says: "Oracle
> (C) V3.03" and another which says "Paperclip 2.8 (C) expanded)" Any
> ideas on what these are???

Oracle is Delphi's Oracle later renamed as 'the Consultant' a very decent
flat-file commodore database.

Paperclip is a word processor also by Batteries included.

Both of those ROMs are the copy protection for their respective programs.

> If one of you PET people could help, I'd be happy.
> Yeah! I got a PET! :)

> Oh yeah, if it helps any...I've taken the back off of the monitor, and
> the tube does GLOW... hope that helps.

That's normal, all the PET monitors I've seen have glowing tubes in them.

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