Commodore PET find

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-01-30 00:12:33

Hahahahah! It's MINE, ALL MINE!!!

Here's what I ended up with:

A PET 8032 (64K RAM)
8250 drive unit
4040 drive unit
MSD SD-2 Drive Unit
Tractor Printer 4032.

All for the grand total of $25.00!

Unfortunately I neither have the IEEE-488 cables needed to hook all the
peripherals to the computer, and nothing comes up on the screen. When I
turn it on, I hear a warble from the internal speaker, and
then...nothing. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Oh yeah, curious enough, it doesn't appear to have a standard set of
ROM's in it. There's one with a paper label on it which says: "Oracle
(C) V3.03" and another which says "Paperclip 2.8 (C) expanded)" Any
ideas on what these are???

If one of you PET people could help, I'd be happy.

Yeah! I got a PET! :)

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