Re: Commodore PET find

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-01-30 05:10:28

Andre Fachat wrote:

> > There's a little board that goes on top (with the CPU on it) has four
> > rows of 8 4116's. In my book, that's 64KB. :) So I guess looking at the
> > motherboard, that means I've got 96kb! :)
> So it seems you have a 8096 instead of a 8032. This model
> uses an extension board to expand the RAM to 96, with a
> special banking scheme. For this see the PET index at

Well, I'm not sure. The case indeed says 8032 on the front (as well as
the stamp on the back. The RAM board I spoke of has three connectors:
two small approx 6 wire connectors (to which there are attachments to
the motherboard at the rear and about two inches from the front), and
then a ribbon cable with a DIP connector that plugs into the 6502's
socket, and then the 6502 goes on top of this card.

Perhaps someone just stole the bits and pieces from an 8096? Or did they
actually relabel the 8096s?

I've located a place that sells 6545 CRT controllers (BG Micro) so I may
be able to fix it (if that's indeed the problem).

Are there any other "blind" tests I can do without the disk drives
plugged in? I don't have the IEEE cables I need to hook up the drives

Oh yeah, I think I read that these things had video output on one of the
connectors... is this composite video or what?

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