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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-01-30 03:47:11

Geoff Oltmans wrote:
> Willi Kusche wrote:
> > 
> > Hi!
> > 
> >     First of all, the 8032 has only 32K of RAM.  Video RAM lives at $8000.
> > The BASIC, screen editor and kernel logic live in ROMs at $B000 to $FFFF.  The
> > 8032 has sockets for two 4K ROMs at $9000 and $A000.  Those Oracle and
> > Paperclip ROMs must be in the $9000 and $A000 sockets.
> >     Whenever one of my PETs won't boot up properly, carefully removing and
> > re-inserting all socketed chips usually fixes the problem.  But you're getting
> > the startup chirp so it sounds as if your problem is in the video circuitry.
> Well, this one has 64KB. No lie.
> There's a little board that goes on top (with the CPU on it) has four
> rows of 8 4116's. In my book, that's 64KB. :) So I guess looking at the
> motherboard, that means I've got 96kb! :)

So it seems you have a 8096 instead of a 8032. This model 
uses an extension board to expand the RAM to 96, with a 
special banking scheme. For this see the PET index at

But if it has, in addition to the RAM, a 6809 CPU and a 6551 ACIA
you have a SuperPET instead. 


P.S.: Ahm, if you are able and willing to reverse-engineer the
schematics to this board... Ok, probably asking too much. It's just
one of the very few schematics missing on

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