Re: Commodore PET find

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-01-30 03:44:02

Geoff Oltmans wrote:
> Hahahahah! It's MINE, ALL MINE!!!
> Here's what I ended up with:
> A PET 8032 (64K RAM)
> 8250 drive unit
> 4040 drive unit
> MSD SD-2 Drive Unit
> Tractor Printer 4032.
> All for the grand total of $25.00!
> Unfortunately I neither have the IEEE-488 cables needed to hook all the
> peripherals to the computer, and nothing comes up on the screen. When I
> turn it on, I hear a warble from the internal speaker, and
> then...nothing. Any ideas on how to fix it?

If the "warble" is similar to the one you get from the VICE PET emulator,
than the CPU, RAM and ROM circuitry seem to be ok,
so it probably really is the video circuitry. 

If you can connect the disk drives to the PET and blindly
enter 'LOAD"$",8' and the disk drive starts spinning, that
is a good indicator that only the video is broken.

Anyway, you can get some PET info, including links to schematics

> Oh yeah, curious enough, it doesn't appear to have a standard set of
> ROM's in it. There's one with a paper label on it which says: "Oracle
> (C) V3.03" and another which says "Paperclip 2.8 (C) expanded)" Any
> ideas on what these are???

Those ROMs were sometimes used as a programm extension and even
a kind of dongle - means you  have to have the ROM installed
to make the program run. It would be nice if you could
dump those ROMs and upload it to funet (well, if you like)
Probably someone has the disks to share with you to make those
programs work again.


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