Re: 8296 Execudesk disk

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-10-06 13:16:14

Robin Harbron wrote:
> Nope, just two fairly nice photographs.
> > > The CBM Expansion Memory Board User's Guide - about
> > > adding 64k of RAM to your 8032, essentially.  Inside
> > Could you scan that document?
> Yup - what type of files?  And should I email them to
> you?  .pcx are what it defaults to.  I don't have
> software for OCR though - I'd just be using the scanner
> at work (after hours ;)...

.gif i
And upload them to
That would be nice.

> > > And finally, about a 40 page booklet which is an
> > > assembly listing of "ADD-ON-MON", a 64k-add-on
> > > monitor - basically seems to be a monitor to
> > > allow you to use the extra 64k.
> > 
> > Oops. I remember having seen that already. Ruud, you sent
> > me a copy of it, right? But I don't think it was 40 pages.
> I took a better look at that booklet - it's about 60 pages,
> the first 30 of which are the source to ADD-ON-MON.  Then
> there's an 8 page ADD-ON LOADER program, to load files
> into extra mem.  Then 18 pages or so of source for
> EXPANDED BASIC, which seems to give BASIC 4.0 some
> use of the extra RAM.

I have already scanned it and OCRd and even edited parts of it. 
Can I send them to you so you can proofread them?
(Sorry when I got them I did not have time to finish this and I don't
have the time either. But you can build on it.)


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