Re: 8296 Execudesk disk

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-09-29 01:25:37

Andre Fachat wrote:
> So you need special ROMs for Execudesk. I guess no one
> has them....?

I don't - this makes me think, however.  I know I've passed
up at least one PET/CBM at the thrift store, figuring I
already have 3, and it never once occurred to me that
perhaps some of these machines have special stuff *inside* -
say, Execu-Desk ROMs or 64k RAM expansion boards??? :/

I usually have a set of screwdrivers in the car with me -
I'll have to start making use of them :)

> There is not, by any chance, a schematic for the 64k add-on
> board?

Nope, just two fairly nice photographs.
> > The CBM Expansion Memory Board User's Guide - about
> > adding 64k of RAM to your 8032, essentially.  Inside

> Could you scan that document?

Yup - what type of files?  And should I email them to
you?  .pcx are what it defaults to.  I don't have
software for OCR though - I'd just be using the scanner
at work (after hours ;)...

> > And finally, about a 40 page booklet which is an
> > assembly listing of "ADD-ON-MON", a 64k-add-on
> > monitor - basically seems to be a monitor to
> > allow you to use the extra 64k.
> Oops. I remember having seen that already. Ruud, you sent
> me a copy of it, right? But I don't think it was 40 pages.

I took a better look at that booklet - it's about 60 pages,
the first 30 of which are the source to ADD-ON-MON.  Then
there's an 8 page ADD-ON LOADER program, to load files
into extra mem.  Then 18 pages or so of source for
EXPANDED BASIC, which seems to give BASIC 4.0 some
use of the extra RAM.
Robin Harbron

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