Re: 8296 Execudesk disk

From: Mark (
Date: 1998-10-06 21:04:39

On 06-Oct-98, Andre Fachat wrote:
>> Yup - what type of files?  And should I email them to
>> you?  .pcx are what it defaults to.  I don't have
>> software for OCR though - I'd just be using the scanner
>> at work (after hours ;)...
> .gif i
> And upload them to
> That would be nice.

For what it's worth, GIF is a relatively inefficent format for stuff like this.
A common format for document imaging purposes is TIFF using CCITT G4
compression. To compare, the file size of a document scanned at 300dpi in G4
TIFF format is usually not much larger than the same document scanned at 150dpi
in GIF. (And the 300dpi images contain 4 times as many pixels.)

Speaking of which, I have downloaded various Commodore US patents in 300dpi G4
TIFF format. Various ones cover aspects of the VIC-II, SID and other stuff. I
think it would be a good idea to put these on the Funet site. They cover things
from a hardware construction, as opposed to programmer's, point of view.

Changing subject, I want to find a connector for the PET/C64 user port, in
order to make up a lead for prlink. Anyone know of a place that still sells

-- Mark

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