Re: Diskdrive loading problem

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1998-09-19 23:13:54

Timo Raita wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, Henry Sopko wrote:
> >     I converted this NTSC C64 to a PAL, and everything works good except
> >I cannot get color.
> >I have a 1084S monitor which can display both NTSC and PAL modes.
> Can anyone confirm this?  Is there really a multistandard version of
> the 1084?  At least my 1084 only recognizes PAL colors.  Yes, it
> synchronizes to both 50Hz and 60Hz vsync frequencies, but I have to
> use a separate video converter to get colors from NTSC machines.

Well, I was able to display "PAL" on the Amiga using a 1084, but I don't
really know if it was PAL, or just a higher resolution NTSC with PAL
timings. In the 1084 manual have it right here) it says the following:

"The 1084S works in four different operating modes: Composite (NTSC
Standard), Separated LCA (Luma-Chroma-Audio), Digital RGBI
(Red/Green/Blue Intensity), and Analog RGB....

Later on in the specifications it says this:

"Raster Frequency: 50/60 Hz (autoswitch)"

Nowhere in the manual does it make mention of PAL. Some people claim
that the RF Modulator is what combines the Chroma and Luma signals
together, but I think that there are indeed two types of Composite Video
(one for PAL, one for NTSC), and the only thing that the RF Modulator
does is combine the Composite video and audio signals, and modulates it
about a carrier radio frequency.

That seems right to me anyway, since everyone that has tried to use a
PAL device on an NTSC monitor or vice versa has reported that the output
has NO color.

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