Re: Coding fuel

From: Levente Harsfalvi (
Date: 1998-07-02 16:58:56


>> However, I'm quite anti-alcoholist.

> Hmm, does that mean that you are against alcohol, i.e. you want to dispose
> of all alcohol (by drinking it, of course)?  Sorry, couldn't resist.


>> (Sometimes not even in parties, I can cope with no drinks (and of course,
>> drugs) at all even in discos - whether they say, progressive House and/or
>> Acid can't be enjoyed without them).

> Some disco music cannot be enjoyed from <1km distance without ear
> protectors (against the noise) and a gas mask (against the cigarette
> smoke).

Disco's atmosphere worth nothing without the appropriate speakers and
amplifiers. You can love or hate it, but it's just what it's about - nothing
more or less. About smoke, well... personally, I don't smoke (and hate people
smoking around me) either. However, if you smell people smoking, you must
be at a very small partyplace, I guess. You shouldn't notice smoke being at
a bigger party, at least because of the mist generated by some effect

BTW you told me you have no relations to music, do you?

> Hmm, what does this have to do with Commodore?

Nothing. But beer doesn't have either.

> Oh yes, you told me once
> that you wrote laser beam controller software for the C64 to be used in a
> disco, didn't you?



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