Re: Coding fuel
Date: 1998-07-02 23:03:21

Hallo Anders,

> Which one does least damage if one by accident spill some into your CBM, 
> like on the keyboard or through one of the connectors? Maybe it's safest 
> to go with the traditional Coca-Cola or some sugar-free drink? :-)

I use Coca-Cola to untie and derust screws of my 1959 Jawa!!! (And better then 
Pepsi) So I think I rather prefer to spill beer over my computer then Cola. 

FYI, I simply put old boards under the shower to remove dust and durt, clean 
them with demineralised water because of the type of 'hard' water we have here 
and let them dry for some days. Works fine.

About beer. Lager is too bitter for me. So I prefer beers with a added taste 
like Geuze Lambik, or I simply mix it with Cola; 2 parts cola, 1 part beer. You 
should try it. This mixture is known in Belgium and Luxemburg, here in the 
Netherlands it isn't.

Skol, Prost, Cheers, Nazdrowje, Ruud

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