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From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1998-07-02 10:36:13

> Some disco music cannot be enjoyed from <1km distance without ear
> protectors (against the noise) and a gas mask (against the cigarette
> smoke).

Yes, ear plugs are a must. Surprisingly, when I was last (disco)partying
(Labor Day in Finland) there was no cigarrette smoke that would've
bothered me at all. All the few smokers had the decency to smoke
outside. The midsummer parties were entirely different thing, not
to mention our summer cottage weekend two weeks later..

And to the beer question: cold beer I can tolerate. If it warms up
even a little it's so bad I have to fight it down..

For one reason or another I've accustomed myself to drink wine,
home made.. It's great, you can sweeten the thing to your own
taste and 16-18% alcohol isn't so bad either.

ObCBM: I used a cassette port 9V to drive a 12V relay to 'press'
       the Handic modem "data" button and a phone call relay
       connected to the joystick port -> autoanswer.

"The third principle of sentient life is it's capacity for self-sacrifice.
 For a cause, a loved one, for a friend."
	-- Delenn to Draal in Babylon 5:"A Voice in the Wilderness #2"
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