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From: Stephen Judd (
Date: 1998-06-28 04:45:54

Friends, it's time to embark on a very important scientific study of 
the great C64 coder and his habits.  This study has very important
ramifications for the coding community, and it's results may someday
be of great research value to the scientific world.

It was also inspired by visiting Marko's recently revised homepage.

The important question which is the object of this study is: 

	What is the beer of choice for the C-64 coder?

Marko seems to be a Bitburger/Warsteiner kind of guy, with a dash
of the stout.  Fine choices, although I do not recommend stout
with coding (and after one they become less tasty, anyways).

Myself?  Well there are many fine choices.  But I'd have to say the
best price to value ratio is Old Style, brewed in Wisconsin.  (BTW,
a great virtue of American beer is that after several bottles they
are still tasty).  Nevertheless, when I'm feeling my roots, the
great Mexican beers "Dos Equis" and "Negra Modelo" are also high
on the list.  For European beers (expensive here), I'd say it's
pretty tough to beat Burton's Double Diamond, and you can't
go wrong with Warsteiner or Wit.  Finally, a good stout or porter
is nice from time to time.

And the very best beer in the whole world: Golden Pheasant, from
Czechoslovakia.  (Too good to be wasted on coding, too).

I hope you take a few mintues to respond to this survey.  And please,
as with any serious scientific study, this should be done with all 
the decorum such an important issue deserves.

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