Re: Coding fuel

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1998-07-01 17:40:26

Stephen Judd wrote:
> 	What is the beer of choice for the C-64 coder?
Euhm.. Depends. When I've got the money : Alfa (A rather small dutch
beer). Delirium Tremens (belgian beer) tastes fine too, but it's way
too heavy :)

When I haven't got the money : Bavaria suits fine.

> And the very best beer in the whole world: Golden Pheasant, from
> Czechoslovakia.  (Too good to be wasted on coding, too).
Talking about Czech beer : Budvar is fine, Pilsener Urquell is good too.

Heck, I could even live with that Lapin Kulta...

Martijn van Buul,
Tijntje@OuterSpace - 3333 
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