Re: Coding fuel

From: Levente Harsfalvi (
Date: 1998-06-28 23:53:41


> The important question which is the object of this study is:

>       What is the beer of choice for the C-64 coder?

Since I've been employed with studies in Pecs for a while, I used to
drink Szalon, and Gilde Pilsener. Warsteiner is good too, anyway.
Amstel is good either.

I wouldn't just think of, but there are some small beer 'factories' (I
mean, small business sized) here, being also pubs in one. Some
of their beers beat most of the common available ones.

I drink no stout type beer.

However, I'm quite anti-alcoholist. I don't drink while coding.
(Sometimes not even in parties, I can cope with no drinks (and of course,
drugs) at all even in discos - whether they say, progressive House and/or
Acid can't be enjoyed without them).


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