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Date: 1998-06-23 04:18:21 wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> I received a pricelist of a company in the USA, "The Vintage Computer" in
> El Cajon, Calefornia. They sell REUs (1700) for $25.- which I consider not
> expensive. Who knows more about this firm (
Ive seen their ads for a couple years now (they mail them to me regularly).  I
haven't ordered from them but given their location (in California and no too
terribly far from Los Angels area) I would'nt doubt that they do have the
supply of stuff and the prices are reasonable for the coast.

My goodness, they do have a good batch of VIC-20 stuff!  :)  Also some nice
Commodore 64 goodies.

> Thanks for all the answers. Is this 8520 available for sale? If so, it
> should be possible to build one your self as all the other parts are
> available, including the drive. If not, can it be replaced by the 6526A? I
> think/fear the answer is NO just because of those registers....

8520s are used widely in the Amiga line of computers (2 in each machine) and
are prone to die in them, your local Amiga sources should be able to supply
you with 8520 chips.

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