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Date: 1998-06-22 22:09:11

Hallo allemaal,

I received a pricelist of a company in the USA, "The Vintage Computer" in 
El Cajon, Calefornia. They sell REUs (1700) for $25.- which I consider not 
expensive. Who knows more about this firm (

>> 1) Who can give me some more specifications about the 8520 in this device?
> At least the pinout is same. I heard from friend about direct replacing 8520
> by 6526B. If that true, then go to into pub/cbm/documents/chips
> dir and DL the and I'm working on HTML version of 6522
> data sheet, but only the raw text and tables are done. The HTML will be full
> size with timing diagrams.

Thanks for all the answers. Is this 8520 available for sale? If so, it 
should be possible to build one your self as all the other parts are 
available, including the drive. If not, can it be replaced by the 6526A? I 
think/fear the answer is NO just because of those registers....

> Hey! Where you moved your homepage?

No, they throwed it away as part of merging operation. I haven't found the 
time yet to set up the new one. Even worse, I'm thinking about having none 
at all for three reasons:
1- It cost me a lot of time to answer all the mails I receive in response 
to it. Most of them don't even concern my projects and documents :-(
2- Maintanance costs a lot of time
3- If everything is allright I soon get an emailaddress and a connection 
to Internet just for free from my computerclub. If this works out fine, 
why pay a lot of money if you can have it for free.

The problem is of course that there are still people around interested in 
my documents, projects and in what I'm doing. All of them are free so if 
someone of you is interested, I'll send him the DOC (HTML). You may use 
how you like it, even use it for your own documents.

Hallo Ethan,

> I recently aquired an IDE interface for my C64 (IDE64).  It seems to
> work fine, but there appears to be a problem with the built-in speed
> loader in an SX-64.  I know the kernel ROMs are different, the question
> here is, does anyone know the differences bettween a real 1541 and the
> drive embedded in the SX?  I haven't yet torn it open to look because it's
> a pain in the ass.  If someone knows off the top of their head, great;
> otherwise, I'm going to have to tear my SX open.

As far as I know the 1541 in the SX is the same as a normal one. I rather 
would say that, if any trouble at all, the cause is in the ROMs of the SX 
as they do differ from the normal C64s.

> As for the IDE64, it's pretty slick.  The IDE part worked the first time
> I plugged it in.  I'm using an HP "Kittyhawk" 1.3" 20Mb IDE drive with it.

So if I understand you well, this is a interface to connect an IDE-drive to a 
C64. What kind of hardware does it use? Can it be re-engineered? Just 
curiousity :-)

> The drive is a fraction of the size of the interface!  This drive is smaller
> than most cell-phone batteries.  

??? I don't what kind of batteries you use but even a 2.5 inch HD is 
bigger then a penlight. So this puzzles me. 
(The problem with foreign languages is that you cannot see if someone is 
making a joke)

About the IDE-interface. Someone of you mentioned one some weeks ago. This 
is a interface used by a CoCo (a kind of Tandy-computer??? sorry, I forgot 
(no joke)) I also have one for a XT-PC which looks alike. Two weeks ago I 
bought one and it only containd one PAL so there is a good change to 
re-engineer this one too if necesary.

Groetjes, Ruud

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