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From: Levente Harsfalvi (
Date: 1998-06-22 23:38:27


[Ruud, and Ethan wrote...]

> I'm interested!

Me too!

> I now suspect PAL/NTSC timing differences.  I got the speedloader code
> from the makers of the IDE-64.  The comments are in a language unfamilar
> to me (something eastern-European), but there's enough there to figure out
> how it works.

Czech. The IDE-64 is manufactured by Czech people (actually, two Commodore

>> So if I understand you well, this is a interface to connect an IDE-drive to a
>> C64. What kind of hardware does it use? Can it be re-engineered? Just
>> curiousity :-)

I don't think :-(. BTW, the unit is quite 'hot'. It is currently being
developed. Maybe, they have just succeed with interfacing an IDE CD-ROM
to the 64?...

Well, I guess they'd be better to publish the docs of the unit, so people
being interested could build it themselves. ...They don't seem to agree
with my opinion :-(. However, since the unit consists of 2 fat SM PLD's I
guess it'd be a bit hard to produce it anyway.

Ruud, take a look at their homepage. I got this link from Marko just a few
months ago.

> Not a joke.  The 1.3" drive is approx 6mm x 40mm x 65mm.  The 44pin
> connector is on the _long_ side of the drive.  Imagine a drive the
> width of a 2.5" drive, but 40mm long.  The battery in my brother's
> cell phone is 8mm x 50mm x 80mm, give or take.

..Whew, my A1200 friends don't know, what do they lose (since they even
refused to buy regular 2.5" drives into their computers) ;-(. 1.3" sounds
really 'something'.


Ps. Regarding the 'IEEE488 to PC' thread, I seem to have something. Guys, do
you know the actual differences between GPIB (... is it the same as IEC 625
anyway?...) and IEEE488? ...For me, it's not bright, but what I'm sure of
that both were derived from the same scheme.

If IEEE488, in it's physical level, is the same as GPIB, then the interfacing
seems to be done. I know, Hewlett Packard still manufactures GPIB bus
interfaces for PC's, because they utilized this bus architecture on their
analyzer units. ...Well, I don't know more about this.

..However, this is going to be a bit more serious for me in the near future.
Thanks to Andras Schafer, I seem to catch some old Commodore units, like a
4016 + a 8250 soon :-).

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