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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-06-23 09:08:50 wrote:
> The problem is of course that there are still people around interested in 
> my documents, projects and in what I'm doing. All of them are free so if 
> someone of you is interested, I'll send him the DOC (HTML). You may use 
> how you like it, even use it for your own documents.

I am interested (KIM-I, IEEE, 6532 stuff, I'm sure I've forgotten something :-)

> > As for the IDE64, it's pretty slick.  The IDE part worked the first time
> > I plugged it in.  I'm using an HP "Kittyhawk" 1.3" 20Mb IDE drive with it.
> So if I understand you well, this is a interface to connect an IDE-drive to a 
> C64. What kind of hardware does it use? Can it be re-engineered? Just 
> curiousity :-)

Just curiosity - after all you can use a SCSI interface :-))
(shameless self-plug - probably I should give it a cool name like
SCSI-64 to get the same attention.... Damn, I've never been that good
in advertising ;-)


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