Re: PET ROMs and schematics

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-13 16:03:51

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998 wrote:

> I didn't know that there was a limit. If so, what is the limit?

I didn't know either, and I don't know what the limit is.  But it is wise
not to post binaries on this list, since there are dozens of passive
members on the list who probably aren't interested in the PET stuff. 
Currently there are 86 members, and only 20-40 have been posting to the

(If anyone wants to un-sub-scribe from this list (hyphens inserted so that
the mailserver wouldn't reject this message), send a message with
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> UD7    EPROM           (not able to determine the type for the moment)

This was the chip I was interested in, everything else was archived
already.  Isn't there any label on the EPROM?  The EPROM's type is not
interesting, it is a 2k chip anyway.

What about the character generator?  Didn't the computer have a German
keyboard?  According to the PET-board.txt file, the character generator
should be in socket UA3 in your machine.

> > Also, I'd like to know the markings on the $9000 ROM of the German PET and
> > on the $9000 and $A000 ROMs of the American PET.  I won't make the new
> > ROMs available until I know the part numbers.
> EPROMs. Lately a friend of mine gave me a little box filled with EPROMs
> and two ROMs. I'll read out the EPROMs one day and I'll send them to
> you (plus description on label). 

OK, I'm looking forward to it.  Don't forget the EPROM labels.

> The ROMS are:901447-10/3983 abd 901447-29/5080. Any idea?

The first one is BASIC 2 (or later) character ROM and the latter is the
screen editor ROM for BASIC 4, normal keyboard, no CRTC (40 columns).  You
can get this info from the /pub/cbm/firmware/computers/business/pet/00INDEX
file on


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