Re: PET info

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-13 15:38:24

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Andre Fachat wrote:

> > 	901465-22  F000-FFFF
> > 	901447-29  E000-EFFF
> > 	901465-21  D000-DFFF
> > 	901465-20  C000-CFFF
> > 	901465-23  B000-BFFF

These are already archived, but it would be a good idea to copy them
anyway, to make sure that the copies in the archive are correct.  They
should be, but re-checking them can't hurt.

> Jim, Marko, something for your archives/products list, a 9" 4032 with a
> 3032 board and Basic4 ROMs! 

I don't maintain the list, so it's Jim's work.  Or maybe you can take over
maintaining the list, since Jim seems to have been rather busy lately.

Speaking of PET ROMs, I just got the SuperPET ROMs from William Levak.  He
also uploaded some new schematics, including the 2001 and 2031 service


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