Re: PET ROMs and schematics
Date: 1998-04-01 20:00:58

Hallo Marko,

> Ruud Baltissen wrote the following message, which was rejected because it
> was too long (with the attachments I omitted now):

I didn't know that there was a limit. If so, what is the limit?

> Should I remove the UltiCap files? 

I don't mind. Just mention that the ULTiCap sources are available. This will at 
least some space.

> I checked the PET ROM dumps.  Everything else was fine, but I didn't have
> the editor ROM ($e000-$e7ff) of either dump in the collection.  Could you
> please open up the machines and tell me the ROM part numbers? 

German 8032SK:
UD10   901465-23  5282
UD9    901465-20  5282
UD8    901465-21  4982
UD7    EPROM           (not able to determine the type for the moment)
UD6    901465-22  5182

I'm not able to have a look at the ROMs of the US 8032SK for the moment due to 
the way the machine has been placed at its moment position. Sorry.

> Also, I'd like to know the markings on the $9000 ROM of the German PET and
> on the $9000 and $A000 ROMs of the American PET.  I won't make the new
> ROMs available until I know the part numbers.

EPROMs. Lately a friend of mine gave me a little box filled with EPROMs and two 
ROMs. I'll read  out the EPROMs one day and I'll send them to you (plus 
description on label). The ROMS are:901447-10/3983 abd 901447-29/5080. Any idea?

Groetjes, Ruud

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