Re: PET ROMs and schematics
Date: 1998-04-15 21:10:44

Hallo Marko,

> > UD7    EPROM           (not able to determine the type for the moment)
> This was the chip I was interested in, everything else was archived
> already.  Isn't there any label on the EPROM?  The EPROM's type is not
> interesting, it is a 2k chip anyway.

No label, sorry.

> What about the character generator?  Didn't the computer have a German
> keyboard?  

Yes, that's why I called it German :-)

> According to the PET-board.txt file, the character generator
> should be in socket UA3 in your machine.

See message to Andre: still to copy.....

Groetjes, Ruud

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