PET ROMs and schematics

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-03-30 23:54:31

Ruud Baltissen wrote the following message, which was rejected because it
was too long (with the attachments I omitted now):
Hallo allemaal,

Attached are the complete ROMs of both my 8032SKs. Both are 28672 bytes
they include the range $A000 / $FFFF. NO 2 byte header!!!

The US has two extra ROMs:
 sys 9*4096 produces:
command-0 (c) 1980 rob chang

 sys 10*4096 produces:
extra basic+1 v1.1  097  (in reverse writing)

The German version has only one extra ROM:
 Label says "Power"??? sys 9*4096 produces:
(C) Brad Templeton

I'll send the corrected 3008 GIF to Marko.

That's all for now.

And here's my answer:

The schematic diagram is now in
/pub/cbm/documents/schematics/pet/3008.gif.  Should I remove the UltiCap

I checked the PET ROM dumps.  Everything else was fine, but I didn't have
the editor ROM ($e000-$e7ff) of either dump in the collection.  Could you
please open up the machines and tell me the ROM part numbers?  I'd like to
have all of them, in case some of the ROMs I recognized have several
different part numbers (which has happened before).

Also, I'd like to know the markings on the $9000 ROM of the German PET and
on the $9000 and $A000 ROMs of the American PET.  I won't make the new
ROMs available until I know the part numbers.


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