Date: 1998-04-01 20:38:59

Hallo Marko en Andre,

It seems I messed up some things again. 
Why the CHARROM of my C128 was 8 KB big I knew. 
I didn't notice that bit 7 was used for inverting the character, now I know. 
I checked the SCH of the 8032 again and I saw what Andre meant with the 6845 
taking care of choosing a characterset (CHROPT-line). I know, or better knew 
:-(, how to program the 6845 but this goes beyond my knowledge for the moment. 
I think it has to do with telling the 6845 to show a page which actualy is a 
mirror of the original one.

Hallo Per,

> Print CHR$(14) for lower case and CHR$(142) for upper case.


Hallo Olaf,

Bel me s'avonds even: 045-5630563.

groetjes, Ruud

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