Re: 1581 or FD-2000

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-03-27 12:05:28

>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Fachat <> writes:

Andre> I once build a device (i.e. a friend of mine built it and I
Andre> wrote the software) to be hooked up to the back of his CBM610
Andre> (IEEE488) to use his VC1541. It was a 6502, two 6532 (two? I
Andre> think), some ROM. I have to bug him if he can still find the
Andre> schematics, I should also have the software for it.

MV> Does the software include a floppy speeder?

Andre> It does not include a floppy speeder. We didn't even try. But
Andre> you are invited to implement it :-)

I've never written a floppy speeder in my life, so I don't think I'm
the right person to implement one. Hmm, but it shouldn't be too hard
to rip them out of my FC3...

Andre> And I used the IEEE488 from the beginning (for my C64 and my
Andre> VC1541, which sped everything up already :-))

"Luxury. When *I* grew up, me and my brother shared a C2n without a
cover on a C64 with a B/W monitor. And we didn't even have joy-
sticks!". :) Did you know that Monty Python are reunited?

Andre> my PhD thesis has much higher priority now!)

And it should. What's it about?

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