Re: 1581 or FD-2000

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1998-03-27 12:22:36

Stephen> The FD's have several advantages. First is that you can make
Stephen> partitions.

Per> I was under the impression that you could on a 1581 as well.

Yes, and if the partition satisfies certain requirements you can
format it and it becomes a subdirectory.

Stephen> for someplace that sells DD disks.
Per> Since I'm an amiga user I'm already stuck with them...

Since you are an amiga user, have you tested my c1581-handler?
( -> c1581)

Stephen> accessing subdirectories/ partitions/etc. JiffyDOS will of
Stephen> course speed up the data transfer, though.

Action Replay speeds up the loading and saving times very nicely
with 1581.

Stephen> This, btw, is my one annoyance with the drive: my Amiga can
Stephen> only r/w 1581 disks, which means I can't use HD disks for
Stephen> data transfer.

Do you mean you have a DD drive or that there is no FD2000 handler?

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