Re: 1581 or FD-2000

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-03-27 20:51:44

MagerValp wrote:

> Andre> And I used the IEEE488 from the beginning (for my C64 and my
> Andre> VC1541, which sped everything up already :-))
> "Luxury. When *I* grew up, me and my brother shared a C2n without a
> cover on a C64 with a B/W monitor. And we didn't even have joy-
> sticks!". :) Did you know that Monty Python are reunited?
Hah!  Pure decadence, me and my brother were allowed to just use PETs WITHOUT
any color or sound!  And we only got to use them for a couple hours a weekday,
excepting summer, when we could not use them at all...  and we were lucky
to have one with an aligned C2N!
(tip: avoid the cream colored 'brick' C2Ns they are pretty flaky)

  True story here, got the picture to prove it too
  (by then we had access to the only 4040 Disk Drive in the school):

  I'm facing the computer, and my brother is next to me (the one with the wild hair).
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