Re: disassembly

From: Andrew Vardy (
Date: 1998-03-15 17:20:32

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, Larry Anderson & Diane Hare wrote:

> > keystrokes to get to your initial position?  Typing Dxxxx +[return] each
> > time is a little slow.
>   First I usually 'hunt' for stuff example: say it has something to do
> with the screen border changing, I have my monitor look for occurences
> of that VIC-II register (.h 0800 07ff 20 d0), then I do a scrolling
> dissassembly from each occurence till I find the part of the routine,
> etc. 

Oh, there's another topic!

Wish I had a program that would provide improved Hunting.  Surely many
Commodore programmers must have wanted something better than the basic
action of this command there.  That probably is the very same since PET
monitors!  That's saying something.

Someone surely must have thought some other adjustment would have been
good.  Your '20 D0' might turn up a whole lot of instances of 'BNE
elsewhere' ...  and so forth.  So for example, a Hunt that clarified its
search as for a STORE instruction, of any type (with A or X or Y) followed
by the 20 and D0.  Or it could provide a Bit pattern mask for search. 
1001110x - provide fixed bits, and *don't matter* bits.  Things to ponder,
if anyone has such seen such a monitor.

>   I recommend Super Snapshot highly for this.

Did someone say once that an upgraded version of this cartridge was being

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