Re: disassembly

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-03-15 20:28:52

Andrew Vardy wrote:

> Wish I had a program that would provide improved Hunting.  Surely many
> Commodore programmers must have wanted something better than the basic
> action of this command there.  That probably is the very same since PET
> monitors!  That's saying something.

I've always wanted one that searched for relative offsets...
Wouldn't just search for the specific PETSCII codes, but would
search for any sequence where:
x x-3 x+4 x+4 x+7 (hope I did the counting right) :)

> >   I recommend Super Snapshot highly for this.
> >
> Did someone say once that an upgraded version of this cartridge was being
> made?

This cartridge is being manufactured again, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
but currently it's just the final ROM version from the original
manufacturer -
V5.22.  I'm hoping he will look into improving some of the programs
although I think it's fantastic as it stands - I don't know of a better
for working with drive/REU memory.  I've tried to get ahold of this
but he doesn't have an email account, and seems to have a dysfunctional
answering machine.
Robin Harbron

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