Re: disassembly

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-15 22:56:29

Andrew Vardy wrote:
> Someone surely must have thought some other adjustment would have been
> good.  Your '20 D0' might turn up a whole lot of instances of 'BNE
> elsewhere' ...  and so forth.  So for example, a Hunt that clarified its
> search as for a STORE instruction, of any type (with A or X or Y) followed
> by the 20 and D0.  Or it could provide a Bit pattern mask for search. 
> 1001110x - provide fixed bits, and *don't matter* bits.  Things to ponder,
> if anyone has such seen such a monitor.

My C64 monitor has a kind of limited bitmask search:
search for address modes with 4-bit masks, like "FA $D0**,Y" or so.

The same code is used (as far as I remember) in my OS/A65
monitor program.


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