Re: disassembly

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare (
Date: 1998-03-14 19:19:59

Andrew Vardy wrote:
> I wonder what do people suggest for disassembly?
> Every time I've done this, always find myself starting with a routine I
> wish to learn about.  And then I follow all the parts, follow all the
> JSRs, and it is precarious to remember where you started.  Never found a
> solution.  Perhaps there isn't one.  Is there any program that marks where
> you started, so you get get back in a moment, with no more than one or two
> keystrokes to get to your initial position?  Typing Dxxxx +[return] each
> time is a little slow.

  First I usually 'hunt' for stuff example: say it has something to do
with the screen border changing, I have my monitor look for occurences
of that VIC-II register (.h 0800 07ff 20 d0), then I do a scrolling
dissassembly from each occurence till I find the part of the routine,

  I recommend Super Snapshot highly for this.

> Threading is nice too.  I believe I had something that threaded once.  But
> it had a habit of crashing.  I'm not even sure I recall how such threading
> worked.

I haven't used one but I figure the threading dissassemblers would take
forever on some loopsand stuff.  Sometimes I may plug in a jsr to itself
so the program will hang at a particular point to see if I'm getting
close, maybe change a STx number etc.

In general I use SS a memory map and a pad of paper, noting significant
addresses as I am going along.  Once I think I have the details I may
print the sections out for reference.  It works for me.  :)

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