Re: VIC & interlaced video and 1084 service manual?

From: Richard (
Date: 1998-03-09 02:24:18

> I was reading the VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide the other day, and it
> says that there is a bit of one of the VIC registers that controls whether the
> picture is interlaced or not.

This bit is implemented in the NTSC version of the VIC-I but not in the
PAL one.

> Does the C64 have a similar register? I would guess not, as all the supposedly
> "interlaced" demos etc. that I have seen are not. (That is, successive fields
> appear on top of each other, not interleaved.)

No, the C64 cannot do proper interlacing. Real interlacing means
generating different frame sync pulses on "odd" frames compared to "even"
ones, and this can't be emulated in software unfortunately.


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