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From: Olaf Seibert (
Date: 1998-02-02 21:38:38

Mark <> wrote: (and I reformatted it a bit)
> On 01-Feb-98, Marko M=E4kel=E4 wrote:
> >You were probably using ASCII mode transfer.  Use FTP to download the
> >files; Windows Netscape won't download them correctly because they
> >lack> a file suffix, and the server claims them to be text/plain.
> >Also have a look at the PET drive binaries.  I'll also get some PET
> >binaries (with ROM part numbers) soon.
> You may recall that I mentioned something about PET ROMs a while ago.
> I was not entirely successful in dumping the ROM data from an 8096; I
> got a load error at the end when loading the data into a C64.

If I recall right, on a PET saving to tape does not work with addresses
of $8000 and higher. The high bit is used as an EOF indication, or
something like that. (They used something different in the VIC maybe but
certainly in the 64). Try copying the ROM to RAM and saving that. That
will also make it easier to load into a 64. On a 64, if you load
something on the same address where ROM is, you're bound to get a LOAD
ERROR, since the LOAD and VERIFY routines are somewhat mingled and a
LOAD also does a VERIFY. (or was that only from disk? hm, now I'm not
so sure anymore...the tape routines are the very hardest part of the
ROM to understand)

> Anyway, if anyone is interested in the ROM data from this and two
> other pets (from memory an 8032 and a 3008?), and feels like writing a
> little program to dump all the ROMs to tape, please do and send it to
> me. Then I can try it out to see if it works any better than my
> effort.

t b000 c000 4000
s "b000 rom" 01 4000 5000
repeat for higher addresses.
The f000-0000 part is tricky: you can't T f000 0000 4000 so use ffff
as an end address and copy the last byte "by hand" with the M and :

On, in pub/firmware/pet is a list of existing ROM variants.
Check if yours is already there, and if not, upload it. If it is there,
you can check if yours is identical and maybe contribute parts numbers.

> Related to this, I would like to obtain a copy of the data from the
> VisiCalc ROM; I have the original disk, but it requires that a ROM be
> installed to  run.  (I also need to get a PET disk drive...)

Hm, if you somehow can get me a copy of the disk, I probably can patch
it not to require the ROM. I know I used it in the dim past without a

> -- Mark
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