Re: Two new PRGs

From: Mark (
Date: 1998-02-03 18:47:46

On 02-Feb-98, Olaf Seibert wrote:
>t b000 c000 4000
>s "b000 rom" 01 4000 5000
>repeat for higher addresses.
>The f000-0000 part is tricky: you can't T f000 0000 4000 so use ffff
>as an end address and copy the last byte "by hand" with the M and :

I did something like this. The problem came when loading the file into the C64.
I got a load error right at the end. Now I suppose this *could* be a flaky
cassette recorder, but I doubt it. [Does it matter which PET cassette port I
hook up the recorder to? I think I used the port on the right-hand side, not
the rear.]

Getting ROM part numbers should not be a problem; at least, I can note down all
part numbers from the various chips and post a list.

>> Related to this, I would like to obtain a copy of the data from the
>> VisiCalc ROM; I have the original disk, but it requires that a ROM be
>> installed to  run.  (I also need to get a PET disk drive...)

>Hm, if you somehow can get me a copy of the disk, I probably can patch
>it not to require the ROM. I know I used it in the dim past without a

I created a .d64 format image file and put it on my web space a while ago. See (and take the C64/PET archive

-- Mark

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