Re: Two new PRGs

From: Stephen Judd (
Date: 1998-02-02 15:14:33

> certainly in the 64). Try copying the ROM to RAM and saving that. That
> will also make it easier to load into a 64. On a 64, if you load
> something on the same address where ROM is, you're bound to get a LOAD
> ERROR, since the LOAD and VERIFY routines are somewhat mingled and a
> LOAD also does a VERIFY. (or was that only from disk? hm, now I'm not
> so sure anymore...the tape routines are the very hardest part of the
> ROM to understand)

For what it's worth, the 64 disk routines distinguish between a load
and a verify; the main routine ($F7xx or so I think -- going from memory
here) runs something like

	LDY verify flag
	LDY #00
	CMP ($AE),Y
	JMP ERROR	;...something like this

so loading stuff into the ROM area is no problem.

Just a little trivia :).


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