Re: Looking for CBM 220 (8296D) adapter board schematics

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2004-09-13 11:28:55

Hi Marko!

it took me a few minutes to understand what I can see on the pictures:

> <URL:>

This cracked board also has a 4pin header for a power supply cable. This 
made me think that this is actually part of the analog board!

> was made with an embedded camera in a mobile phone.  You can see a crack
> at the top edge of the board in the guy's hand, near pin 3 of the IC.
> This board is probably the same as the one at the top of
> <URL:>,

The cracked board can be seen at the top, also the other part of the 
analog board. It is connected to the middle of the mainboard, the normal 
mounting position for the analog board in a 8250LP. Only in the 8296D a 
cable is used instead.

The small interface circuit board that I meant is seen in the bottom 
right corner, at the IEEE488 connector.

I have a copy of the 8250LP service manual, and of course it includes 
schematics of the analog board. Two different versions are included, a 
simplified one that went into production, and another one that includes 
hardware track 0 detection. For this reason the production board has 
some unpopulated IC positions. Only problem is that the copy is hard to 
read and even harder to scan. But I can give it another try.


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