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From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-06-23 05:41:42

Rainer Buchty wrote:

>>The good news: I know about who is behind the development of this C64 and
>>therefor we can expect quite some suprises:
>>- The new C64 will have at least 265 colours
>>- It will have higher resolutions
>>- It will have two SID's onboard
>>- The ASIC runs on 27 MHz. I hardly can imagine it needs 27 cycles to
>>emulate one of the original C64.
>So this thing will be incompatible to a fair amount of software,
>especially newer games and demos, I guess?
>Or will this ASIC indeed have a cycle-exact emulation of an NMOS(!) 6502
>and the VIC?
The design includes cycle exact versions of all key ICs.

My understanding was that the new unit would have 256 colors, derived 
from having color RAM be a full byte in size.  I have no idea what the 
new colors are.

It will also have pads for a few key ports on the board, so one could 
solder up an IEC port or a Exp port.   Probably will not be all ports.

However, as the unit is not in production, and the bean counters will 
want to cost reduce it, it is unknown whether all of this will make it 
into production. 

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