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Date: 2004-05-22 03:05:07 wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>Sent some reference material to you as an attachment in a private email.
>Normal protocol is as per the basic example, but keep in mind that some
>programmers do strange things such as sent multiple LISTENs and UNLISTENs
>etc The EF is close channel 0x0F, the opposite of FF which is open channel
>- Nick
Thanks for the information.  It helps quite a bit.

However, my question about TALK ATN Turnaround does not seem to be 
addressed in the document, and I have some questions about pedantic use:

When I receive a 3F (and possibly 5f) as a command, should I ignore CLK 
until ATN goes high?
I am assuming that all devices will read any any bytes sent under ATN.  
Is this true?
Your document talks about devices 4 to 30 (04 to 1e).  I thought the bus 
could handle device 31.  No?

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