Re: IEC codes

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2004-05-21 14:35:11

Jim Brain <> írta:

> Not sure what TKSA is (04 - 12?)  Anyone know?

Device numbers. For example: 4 and 5 are printer devices,
8-11 are drive device numbers. Keyboard and screen has also
got a device number although I can't tell their number by heart.

> When I do open15,8,15,"i":close 15
> I get:
> c28 cFF d49 c3F c28 cEF c3F
> I understand the TALK 8, SECOND 15 'I', and the followup
TALK 8, but 
> what is EF?  The 3F I get, but does EF mean END or something?

EF is - say - the opposite of FF, that is actually CLOSE 15
where xE0 is the IEC close command and x0F is the secondary

Hope this helped!


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