Got IEC code working

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-05-24 08:58:30

As of tonight, I have TALK and LISTEN working...  I can load a file from 
the AVR into 64...

Thanks, Nick, for the data

Code bit bangs on output, uses HW shift register for input.  Seems to 
work fine.  My tolerances are a bit loose right now, I need to tighten 
them up later.

But, as I complete this phase, questions arise:

Why send UNTALK over the wire?  Can;t the peripheral just assume that 
when it completes sending data?  I figure the answer has something to do 
with FILE reads, but I have not gotten there.

As for file reads, if you get to TALK and have lots of data to send, how 
does the 64 tell you to stop sending data (because the program isn't 
taking it), or am I missing something?

Marko, do you have the protocol you used between the PC serial port and 
the AVR to send commands and such back and forth?  I'm at that stage.


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