Re: Slightly OT: Up/Down-Counter, easy interfaceable to 8-bit MPU

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2004-05-03 19:21:21

Spiro Trikaliotis dnia 03 maj 2004 o 18:41 +0200 napisal:

Sorry, I haven't followed the thread. Please ignore if this is irrelevant.

> The 6522/6526 timers are counters which count PHI2 pulses. I need to
> count my own, "custom" pulses. Possibly, I could feed PHI2 with the
> clock I need to count, but I'm not sure.

What about using CNT line of 6526? You can setup 6526 to use that line
instead of system clock to drive timers.

> If the counter should count up or down depends on the status of another
> input line. The is, whenever a clock pulse comes in, the states of the
> other line determines if this clock pulse is meant to increment or
> decrement the counter. I need the absolute value afterwards.

If there were two 6526 one of them could count only positive and the
other one only negative numbers.


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