Strange C128 & REU behavior
Date: 2004-02-09 13:32:38

Hej allihopa!

Sorry if this message appears twice; I first sent it from the wrong
address, so I'm not sure if the list accepted it.

My C128 behaves kinda strange. In 128 mode it sometimes locks up and I
have to type Run/Stop-Restore to wake it up again. This mostly happens
immediately after loading a program or, most frequently, after starting
the Buddy128 ASCII editor. In those cases only a reset will wake it up.

Secondly, I can't write more than $BFFF bytes at at time to my 1750 REU.
If I attempt to send more, I get an endless loop of BREAK messages on the
screen which only a reset will remedy.

I have tried two of my 128s and both my REUs with the same result.

REU transfers seem to work in 64 mode however, since I can use Fairlight's
X-mem Assembler without any problems (it transfers all of the C64 RAM to
the REU in one fell swoop).

I live in an old house without grounded outlets. Could this cause this
kind of problems?

/Niklas Ramsberg
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    (:)  Bacon
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