RE: Inbox size -CBM hackers
Date: 2004-02-06 15:54:04

On 06 February 2004 12:40, wrote:

> May I say that as someone who pays for my bandwidth, I hate 
> people who do this, and I will block them indefinitely from
> my site if I see activity of this sort. This drives up load
> average, diminishes outgoing traffic, and
> is just plain rude.

Fair point - I'd ordinarily only do that sort of thing in one
hit for much smaller list of files - eg a 12 page tutorial I
wanted to be able to browse offline.

10,000 files I'd trickle over a longer period, and only if the
maintainer was unwilling to make them available as an archive
as Anders suggested.

(who hasn't had to pay for bandwidth since leaving Australia..)

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