RE: Inbox size -CBM hackers
Date: 2004-02-06 18:15:29

> From:  Cameron Kaiser
> Sent: 06 February 2004 16:16
> > 
> > err isnt the purpose of websites that they are beeing 
> downloaded? especially
> > if they are archived? but maybe thats just me ... :=P
> Don't be deliberately obtuse. I'm referring to people with 
> abominations like
> Offline Explorer or WebZIP that can, when parallelized, bring 
> servers to their
> knees.


Can not your server place bandwidth caps per ip address of the
request originator?

Presumably such tools are fair game in instances where the
person running it has a lower downlink bandwidth
than the uplink bandwidth of the server they are
speaking to, and at the end of the day you do not have anything
against anyone accessing all the files in your archive, as long
as they are not hogging the line as such?

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