Re: weird cables question

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2004-01-16 02:02:15

This is OT regarding joystick port interfacing, but...

>From: Groepaz <>
> > ), it looks like a PC female-female DE9-DE9 null modem plugged into two
> > joyports would be connecting +5v straight through to ground on the other
> > end. I would think this wouldn't damage anything ... but I'm a very poor
> > electrician :)
>LOL. actually, it wouldnt hurt if just ONE such connection would be made
>(connect +5v of one c64 to ground of another) but since you will be making
>two of these connections, its most likely going to buuuzzzzzzzzzz :=D

>From: MagerValp <>
>Indeed - that would fry the computers :)

...and other remarks along those lines.

Actually, if you did that, wouldn't the protection circuits in the 
regulators just "fold back" to a tiny trickle current, or shut down 

Although, I dunno, maybe as the voltage fell, the circuits in the 
semi-precious Commodore chips would have a brief chance to go into some 
horrible linear conduction mode and hurt themselves?

Just wondering,

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