Re: weird cables question

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2004-01-15 16:42:49

> ), it looks like a PC female-female DE9-DE9 null modem plugged into two
> joyports would be connecting +5v straight through to ground on the other
> end. I would think this wouldn't damage anything ... but I'm a very poor
> electrician :)

LOL. actually, it wouldnt hurt if just ONE such connection would be made
(connect +5v of one c64 to ground of another) but since you will be making
two of these connections, its most likely going to buuuzzzzzzzzzz :=D


i understand correctly that the general idea is to find some standard type
of cable that can be used to connect two c64s via the joystick port?
maybe look at some other serial standards then too (rs422 or sth, used
in the macintrash world).

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