Re: weird cables question

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2004-01-15 16:29:07

> > I don't think this will short out two Commodores with their joyports
> > connected with one. Does anyone know?
> A DB9 null-modem cable only has lines 2, 3 and 5. This means no ground.
> Connecting two C64 with this cable won't destroy them but I won't be the one
> to try it.

Only three lines? I agree with Groepaz, don't most of them come with more
handshaking lines than that?

Unless I'm reading this wrong (

), it looks like a PC female-female DE9-DE9 null modem plugged into two
joyports would be connecting +5v straight through to ground on the other end.
I would think this wouldn't damage anything ... but I'm a very poor
electrician :)

Thanks for the help on this; any other suggestions appreciated.

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